I Wonder…

“Loving you darling makes me so confused…”

All that I feel for you makes me wonder. Is that sometimes I feel this heat in my body and soul that makes me feel so scared. The way my heart jumps at the time I know I’m about to see you makes me wonder…

The feel I have whenever I see your name on the caller ID, makes me wonder so many things…
Do you really miss me? Do I really miss you?
The way I just decided to say yes to something I was running away of… that makes me wonder.
The way I get emotioned when I look into your eyes, your lovely eyes… that makes me wonder.
The way I get so mad at you for no important or particular reason makes me wonder too.

Should I step back? Should I keep going? Am I gonna fall for you? Are you gonna fall for me?
What if you hurt me? What if I hurt somebody else? What if you hurt somebody too?

Is it worth it?


2 Responses to “I Wonder…”

  1. 1 Ivan. diciembre 28, 2006 en 1:32 am

    stop wondering… we are living it! just let yourself go as i’m just doing, and see where it leads us to. Remember “..As we walk we make the path, and when we turn our heads back, we see the trend that never ever is to be to walked over again”. When two people love each other, isn’t that worthy enough to try? we’re not hurting each other with our relationship, and there’s no one else to be hurt with this. Love is what we have, and that we haven’t had it for a long time!… Now, I wonder if you can take the chance to be happy.

  2. 2 F. K. Woods diciembre 31, 2006 en 9:42 am

    LISTEN TO HIM!!!! baby!!! he loves u and I know you love him… dare… trust me happines and love are the most important things in the world, give urself a chance… IVAN: well said!


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