"Quod me nutrit me destruit" (What Nourishes Me Destroys Me)

for A.J.
Beautyfully dangerous, with that lovely darkness that only makes you more beautyful.

There’s no need to hide it, because you do it unconciously.Just a look, a half smile or a soft movement of your body can make almost any human being to fall in love with you.

Just the thought of your delicate but strong body makes me feel a heat.

I can easely spend hours looking at my favorite picture of you… where I can see your long sexy neck lightly touched by the air, your hand softly touching your chest, your lips slightly opened and your beautiful eyes looking somewhere, lost in the distance of your own thoughts…

Dangerously beautyful, sometimes I think you are just an illusion that came out of an artist mind… trying to find the perfect face, the sexiest look, and simple beautyfulness in a same muse… and then he created you: my love, my inspiration.


1 Response to “"Quod me nutrit me destruit" (What Nourishes Me Destroys Me)”

  1. 1 F. K. Woods diciembre 31, 2006 en 9:52 am

    Chanfles… the funny thing is that she has my initials… lol… but really u know I totally agree with u… Loving her is being in love if life…


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